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We do a lot more than just NFT'S..


Metaneur revolutionizes Web3 across NFT ticketing, IP ownership, play-to-earn gaming, corporate activations, and protocol-level equity via NFTs. We empower Web2 brands to effortlessly adopt NFTs, reshaping industries.


Metaneur recognizes the intricate nature of DeFi for institutions bound by regulations and fiduciary duties. As a top blockchain firm, we offer high-end DeFi solutions, empowering clients to harness transformative opportunities seamlessly.

Discord Management and Development

To have a successful project, a discord community is imperative. We will build and manage your discord, from doing giveaways, competitions, objectives, goals, and more. An engaging and active audience is key to a successful project.

Web Design

Web Design is crucial when starting an NFT/Crypto project. Your website must be branded to capture your audiences attention. We develop professional optimized websites, to have your community jumping at the idea of investing in your project.

Metaverse Creation

Take your NFT’S and implement them into the Metaverse. Build whatever you desire and showcase it in the Metaverse. Whether you want to buy and design real estate, start a business, or design clothing for people’s avatars. The possibilities are endless. Let us help you get started in the Metaverse.


Leverage the power of Web3 with P2E gaming. Allow your NFT’s to be traded, played, and dynamic in-game.

Virtual & Augmented Reality Development

See your NFT’S come to life right before your eyes. This will be the way you can use and interact with your NFT’S in the Metaverse.


Without marketing your project will have very low odds of succeeding. It’s a good thing we have a ton of marketing experience. We use influencer marketing, paid ads, sponsorships, and bots to build you a massive community.

Software Development

Have a crypto software idea? Don’t hesitate and ask us about it. If it’s posssible we will develop it for you.

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